For some reason I bumped into streamer called Primeagen. He uses Vim as his editor and I’ve used Vim in the past quite a lot. When I came back to software industry, I didn’t get back to using Vim for some reason. I’ve used quite a lot of time honing my Vim skills and plugin setup, but clearly Prime (let’s call Primeagen/Michael Prime for now) is magnitudes faster than I’ve been. He uses tmux as well and dvorak. Dvorak has been my dream for years, but I haven’t given the time to learn that.

So I dug deeper into question ‘Who is this Prime guy?’. I found out that he has been very open with his setup and he also has couple of courses about the topic: Developer productivity and Vim fundamentals.

I also liked his streams based on a quick glance. The one I watched for a while was a stream about Turso. Turso is some sort of SQLite-cloud and I need to dig deeper into Turso, but that is for later.

It took quite a while clean my old Vim plugins, because there was many broken ones and ones that I don’t use. The current setup is:

  • ack.vim
  • bufexlorer
  • ctrlp.vim
  • nerdcommenter
  • nerdtree
  • tabular
  • tagbar
  • vim-fugitive
  • vim-gist
  • vim-markdown
  • vim-substitute

I still need to deepen my understanding of these plugins and re-remember the hotkeys etc.